Welcome to my rookie season as a father.

Dad Don't Lie is my honest journey through fatherhood.  I'm a part of a new generation of dad. I'm a thirty-something that grew up on hip hop and hoops.  As a new dad, I was influenced by the fathers in my family, Uncle Phil, Homer Simpson, Carl Winslow and Tony Soprano.  I work a full-time day job and blogging is my hobby.  I currently blog about the NBA/Toronto Raptors at HipHoopJunkies.com and have decided to take my blogging game to chronicle my dad journey and watching my son Lil' Kyrie & daughter Lil' Reya grow.  

The Dad Don't Lie blog isn't just about me.  It's a resource all about the journey of being a dad, the good/bad/terrible advice you get along the way, the lessons you learn, the truths about parenting and just figuring out this whole "Dad" thing. 

Read more of my Dad blogging over at Urban Parent Halifax.

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