The Daddy Hair Design Centre

Friday, April 15, 2016

posted by Romy (@daddontlie)

The Daddy Hair Design Centre

Taking in clients.

When I decided to give my son his first haircut, it didn't end up so well. Ever since then, I've been extra cautious with any haircuts that I give my 2-year old son (scissors are no longer involved.) And now that we have a daughter in the mix, the haircuts are no longer an option for me but styling her hair? I'm all in.

Here is the my first style (she doesn't have a lot of hair to work with.)

The Tutorial: You take an elastic, grab as much hair from the top of her hair as possible and wrap the elastic as much as you can around that section of hair.

VOILA! Here are the results:

As that hair continues to grow, the more options I have to work with! Stay tuned.

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