Dad Advice from NBA Legend, Dikembe Mutombo

Friday, April 15, 2016

posted by Romy (@daddontlie)

Dad Advice from NBA Legend, Dikembe Mutombo

The NBA Legend Answered a few questions in @NBACares Twitter Chat

NBA Legend and Hall of Famer, Dikembe Mutumbo was on a Twitter chat on Friday for #NBAFanDay.  As the Global Ambassador for NBA Cares, Mutombo & @NBACares had a chat open to fans so I decided to join the conversation to ask him for some dad advice.

Dikembe Mutumbo is widely known for his humanitarian work especially in his home of the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a father to six children, so it was only fitting to ask about some fatherly advice.

He also chimed in on which African player he's expecting to make a big impact in the upcoming NBA playoffs: 
On what he enjoys most with his humanitarian work in Congo: 
And does he think a hot dog is a sandwich? 

It was great to actually get in a question with an NBA legend whose career spanned 18 seasons and can still make people laugh to this day.

Check out the Dikembe Mutombo Federation at and NBA Cares at

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