Rookie Dad Lesson Learned #107 - Your wardrobe will never be the same

Friday, September 19, 2014

(Bacon neck t-shirt in the making)
posted by Romy (@daddontlie)

Rookie Dad Lesson Learned #107 - Your wardrobe will never be the same

Expect a lot of stains.

Have you ever watched that Michael Jordan Hanes commercial about 'bacon neck' t-shirts where the guy's t-shirt collar is a stretched and curled like a cooked piece of bacon? I bet that guy was a dad.

You know how I know? I'm starting to have 'bacon neck' t-shirts.

Ever since my son started grabbing things, one of his favourite things to grab when I have him in my arms is my t-shirt collar. He tugs, pulls and stretches that collar to the max. Now, when I grab a t-shirt from the clean laundry, I look in the mirror and realize that I'm that 'bacon neck' t-shirt guy.

One thing I've learned since having this toddler in my life is that my son doesn't care one bit about my clothes. If I'm wearing a white T-shirt and he just finished a spaghetti supper, he's coming in for that hug. If he's digging into a big bowl of blueberries when we're sitting out on the deck, those blue hands are definitely going leave their handprints on my khaki shorts. The worst case is always when you're on a diaper change or letting your son run around without a diaper, I've had my fair share of clothes that have been sprayed with baby pee.

I guess this is inevitable when you're a new parent. At first you get upset that it happened, and you feel like you have to change your shirt right away. But each time after that, you look down at yourself, accept it and wear that spaghetti stain as a badge of honour for the rest of the day. This is the life as a dad of a toddler, and I have to accept it...all of my clothes will either get ripped, stretched or stained whether I like it or not.

Before I was a dad, those stains would have bugged me and I'd be the first one to go home and change. But once fatherhood hit, you realize day after day these small things that would bother me before don't matter as much anymore and watching that kid with his hands wet with spaghetti sauce running towards me for a hug is all that matters.

Here are a few tips for a new dad when it comes to your wardrobe:
  1. Wear Black. - If there's any color you could wear to hide any stain left by a toddler, black would be it. Especially when you're out in public.
  2. Spray & Wash - If you want to wear that white t-shirt with the spaghetti stains again, you're going to need to invest in some Spray & Wash.
  3. Pack Extra Clothes - Just like you pack an extra baby outfit in that diaper bag in case of a diaper explosion, I'd keep a spare pair of pants and shirt for yourself in the trunk of your car just in case. You'll thank me for it one day.
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