Rookie Dad Lesson Learned #107 - Your wardrobe will never be the same

Friday, September 19, 2014

(Bacon neck t-shirt in the making)
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Rookie Dad Lesson Learned #107 - Your wardrobe will never be the same

Expect a lot of stains.

Have you ever watched that Michael Jordan Hanes commercial about 'bacon neck' t-shirts where the guy's t-shirt collar is a stretched and curled like a cooked piece of bacon? I bet that guy was a dad.

You know how I know? I'm starting to have 'bacon neck' t-shirts.

Talking Role Models with former NBA player Jerome "Junkyard Dog" Williams

Monday, September 8, 2014

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JYD Barkin' 'Bout Being a Role Model

Former NBA player Jerome Williams talks about being a role model in the NBA

I'm a big hoops fan and before Dad blogging, I started blogging about the NBA, Canadian Basketball and the Toronto Raptors back in '08 with a couple of buddies and we still continue writing/podcasting to this day. The hoops blog has led to a few great interview opportunities throughout the years. With this past year being my first year as a Dad, I had the opportunity to ask a former professional athlete, Jerome "JYD" Williams about the importance of being a role model to the kids as a professional athlete. The former Toronto Raptor and Detroit Piston was in my hometown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia over the weekend for the #NBANation Tour that toured across Canada. We were able to interview him for our NBA-focused hoops blogs: Hip Hoop Junkies and Hoop Heads North.

Fantasy Football to Fantasy Fatherhood

Thursday, September 4, 2014

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From Fantasy Football to Fantasy Fatherhood

A fantasy scoring system for new dads

Thursday marked the start of the football season which means you've put in your fantasy football lineups for Week 1 of the NFL season. I've always enjoyed fantasy football out of all the fantasy sports, purely based on the fantasy scoring system: as an example, Quarterbacks getting 6 points for a passing touchdown, pass completions are 0.5 points, -2 points for sacks and 1 point for every 25 yards thrown, etc. Your quarterback's score compiled with the rest of your fantasy team can win you a week in fantasy football.

First Things First - Toddlers Measuring Up To The Grade

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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First Things First

Does your toddler measure up to the grade?

With September upon us and the school year starting up, this is when many parents prepare their children for another year of learning: purchasing school supplies and new clothes, enrolling them in extracurricular activities, hoping that their children measure up to the grade with their peers in the upcoming school year. Will they do well in school? Are they in enough extracurricular activities? Will they be good in sports like the rest of the class? Being a first time father of a toddler, I've still got a couple of years before that dreaded first day of school, but I'm noticing that measuring your child's progress against their peers starts early.