A Page Out Of The Cool Dad's Book - Lebron James

Monday, July 21, 2014

posted by Romy (@daddontlie)

A Page Out Of The Cool Dad's Book - Lebron James

Another dad cooler than me.

You know who's another cooler dad than me? Lebron James.

King James is trying to win everyone's hearts back. After being a villain in Miami for four seasons, he recently decided to correct some of his missteps in his NBA career and chose to make his return to Cleveland and rejoin his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. He was widely criticized on his approach on "The Decision" back in 2010 and he gained a lot of haters along the way, including myself.

Now he's 29, married, a father of two kids and has matured a great deal since entering the NBA straight out of high school. Recently, he was in Lexington, Kentucky cheering on his son, Lebron James Jr. at the 4th grade AAU National Championships. Hey, I really don't need to explain much about Lebron James being a cooler dad than me. He's sitting courtside at his son's basketball game, cheering him on, Kentucky's head coach John Calipari was in attendance, plus do I need to add that he's one of the biggest sports icons?

(Photo via SB Nation)

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