A Page Out Of The Cool Dad's Book - Tim Duncan

Saturday, June 21, 2014

posted by Romy (@daddontlie)

A Page Out Of The Cool Dad's Book - Tim Duncan

Definitely a cooler dad than me.

On my first Father's Day this past Sunday, I got to sleep in, and enjoyed a quiet day with family, chowed down on some lobster, and most of all, spent time with my wife and son.

What did Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs do on Fathers Day? He won an NBA championship on that day. He's a dad.

I hoping that I'll be a cool dad to Kyrie, but will never be as cool as Tim Duncan. He won an NBA championship over Lebron James and the Miami Heat in a convincing fashion in front of his two kids...on Father's Day.

His two kids got to watch him every step of the way throughout the NBA Playoffs. They came out on the floor when the Spurs won the trophy, they were there at the championship parade on Wednesday night and they even got to answer questions at the post-game press conference.

The good thing for me is that Kyrie doesn't even know who Tim Duncan is. For now, I'm still the cool dad because and I can lift him up and spin him around, and show him the things on the kitchen counter where he can't see. And even though I will never be a 6'11'' 14-time NBA All-Star with five NBA championships who can lift him twice as high as I can, I hope I'll always be Kyrie's cool dad...at least until he's old enough to understand who Tim Duncan is.

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