ROOKIE DAD LESSON LEARNED #103 - Do not give your baby a haircut.

Monday, April 21, 2014

posted by Romy (@daddontlie)

ROOKIE DAD LESSON LEARNED #103 - Do not give your baby a haircut.

...especially without telling your wife.

Biggest rookie mistake to date.

So on Easter Sunday morning, I got up with Kyrie as we normally do on the weekend and we had our breakfast together while Naomi (Mom) gets some extra sleep.  While I was eating my toast and Kyrie was sitting there eating his cheerios, I noticed that after almost ten months this boy has never had a haircut! His bangs needed a trim and I was going to fix that.

I thought it was a good opportunity while he was strapped into his high chair chowing down on his cheerios, so I grabbed the barber scissors from my hair clipper kit.  I looked at Kyrie, grabbed some of his bangs with my fingertips, and without much more than a thought..snip, snip, snip....Kyrie got his first haircut from his non-barber, non-hairdresser dad.

Two seconds later, regret set in.

What was I thinking?

This nine month old looked back at me, not knowing what happened to him.  His innocent face staring at me with his new Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber haircut.  It was all my fault.

My first instinct was that I could fix it!  I could maybe trim some more hair, even out his haircut, trim some of the sides and back, THEN it would be all better!  Problem solved.  Then my senses came to me and I realized that doing more damage was a horrible idea.  There is no reason why I should ever again bring a pair of scissors to my son's hair after what just happened.

Next thought.  Maybe if I style it....a mohawk, a faux hawk....maybe a part to the side, then maybe it would look alright.  So I grabbed some hair gel and checked to see that if I parted his hair to the side, then MAYBE, this might look a little better. didn't look AS terrible.

Next thing was to tell Naomi.

I then ran upstairs to the bedroom and confessed to Naomi what I did.

"Pssst.....Naomi, I just gave Kyrie a haircut." I said.

Naomi still half asleep said "I'm sure it's fine," as she dozed back to sleep.  Little did she know what she was going to wake up to in the next hour.

We had to get ready for an Easter church service when she got up.  We'd have to get him ready in his nicest dress clothes to go along with his "new" haircut from his dad.

An hour later, Naomi later walked downstairs to get her coffee.  Her first reaction to Kyrie's new look?

"Oh, dear."

We then put him back in his high chair, and Naomi worked her magic to get rid of that short, uneven haircut to his bangs.  It turned out to look OK after she did some touch ups.  We took him to church and none of the old ladies said a word about this boy's haircut.

I believe I have the greatest wife around (she didn't make we write this.)  I know a lot of wives would have never let me get off that easy.

Lesson learned.

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