ROOKIE DAD LESSON LEARNED #102 - Saturdays will never be the same.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

posted by Romy (@daddontlie)

ROOKIE DAD LESSON LEARNED #102 - Saturdays will never be the same.

Trips to Babies 'R' Us, Naps, Feedings

After Kyrie was born, as soon as we brought him home from the hospital, I knew my life had changed. There was a new born child in my life now.  Every morning this baby brings me a smile when he wakes up for the day, we enjoy watching him play and grow and discover his world, and love taking him on new adventures. Things have changed so drastically from our pre-baby days, including...weekends.

Before parent life, a Saturday might include popping out to the gym, coming home for a late lunch, running some errands, planning to meet friends on Saturday evening for dinner and coming home late, it was pretty simple.

And then fatherhood happened.  This bundle of joy entered my life bringing on a new found love that I had never experienced before, along with new adventures and challenges.  One of them being how much time it would take us to get from place to place.

Running out to the store is not as simple as it used to be.  Popping out to a friend's house for drinks isn't a matter of hopping in the car and getting a taxi home later. We now have to think about packing the diaper bag, planning errands around nap times, finding grandparents to babysit, packing snacks and meals, making sure the little one is dressed and bundled and diapers are changed.  Life as we once knew it has been flipped upside down.  What would normally take us five minutes to get up and go out now takes thirty minutes to an hour before walking out that door.

Sometimes it takes hours.

Take this past Saturday for example, our one objective for the day: go to Babies 'R' Us and pick up a new car seat.  Seems easy enough, right?

6:30 AM - Kyrie decides it's time to be up for the day.  While Naomi was up for most of the night (it was a rough one), I took him down for playtime and then breakfast.

8:30 AM - Nap time.  I put him down for a nap and we all go back for much needed sleep.

9:30 AM - Nap time's over.  Naomi gets up with Kyrie, she has her breakfast and I stay in bed until 10 AM.

10:00-12:00 PM - More play time, diaper changing, and we all grab showers to get out for the day.

12:00-1:15 PM - My parents come over for a visit and we all eat lunch.

1:15-1:30 PM - Boob time for Kyrie.

1:30 PM - Back for  nap time for Kyrie again.

2:30 PM - Kyrie wakes up from his snooze.

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM - Time to go out? Nope, it's snack time.  Rice cakes and cheese for Kyrie.

3:00 PM - We finally pack up and leave the house to go to Babies 'R' Us and purchase our new car seat.  Mission complete, but where did the day go???

4:00 PM - Come back home, Kyrie has another quick nap on the way home.

Almost eight hours later but we did complete our one task for the day without any major obstacles.

These are the days of our parenthood lives.  At the end of the day, I wouldn't trade it for the all the nights out, hungover Sunday mornings, solo trips to the store and whatever else we used to do before we became parents.

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