Welcome to Walking Training Camp

Sunday, March 16, 2014

posted by Romy (@daddontlie)

Welcome to Walking Training Camp

Running Kyrie through a few walking drills

We weren't sure if Kyrie was going to crawl.  He couldn't really get the arm motions down so we thought he'd skip the crawling part altogether and go straight to walking.  If you check my baby book, that's what happened to me, apparently I started walking on my own at nine months.

Just recently, Kyrie figured it out. He has no problem crawling around now but at the same time, he has just figured out how to pull himself up onto things and can take steps when holding onto something.  So Naomi found a laundry basket, flipped it over, placed in front of him and since then, he has started walking like an old man with a walker.
Kyrie at the walking training camp.
Now like most coaches, we just run him through walking drills everyday and make him do laundry basket laps in the living room, getting him ready for the walking regular season.  Not sure why we're rushing this whole walking thing...I guess we just want to see if he can break his dad's walking record. He has less than two weeks to go to get it done in under nine months.

I'll keep you posted.

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